Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Family Pictures

Since this is the first time in literally, years that (almost) all my family has been together, we decided to try for a family photo. (Five of my 6 brothers were here. I think we all decided getting Joe here and back was going to prove to be too difficult. Maybe we can photoshop him in.) Unfortunately, when you don't decide this until the last minute, finding a photographer or a studio willing to take a group of over 25 proves to be difficult, so we had Michelle's sister be photographer and chose an outside setting (Memory Grove) for the - hopefully - good light. Only problem was, it was FREEZING. The little kids were all done pretty quickly. (Amelia didn't smile in a single picture -the little stinker. Her blue lips show up, though.) Everyone had to hold their breaths so the steam wouldn't cover our faces. I guess it was an experience if nothing else.This is at the very end when we were trying to get a picture of my parents with all of their grandchildren. Pretty funny watching all of the adults trying to get the kids to be happy and smile.

Afterward, we went to see my parent's new apartment downtown. I was too busy trying to keep my kids from running wild all over the place to think through actually getting some good pictures of the place. These were taken as an afterthought.
From here, most of the group trekked over to the Lion House for lunch. Good times having everyone together. (Although I'm sure most of those around us would think differently.) I wish all of the cousins could see each other more often. My younger kids have to have reminders of who Uncle Rich and Aunt Sandra are - but they are aware of their cousins.

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