Thursday, January 15, 2015

Some Random January Events

This picture pretty much sums things up.  There's Shawn all happy and having fun sitting on his bike, and there's me obviously, thinking "why did I think doing this race was a good idea?"  Ugh.  Winter training.
January 12, 2015 will forever be known as the day Jonas finally got his driver's license.  It has been long time coming, and he had to be forced into it a bit, but it's official!  This kid can drive! 
One of Samantha's beautiful selfies.
I really can't even believe I am posting this.  It's a serious embarrassment, but now you'll know how things are at our house.  My kids are absolute slobs.  Sometimes when you move the couches, and it's been a while, you find all sorts of fun stuff.  Apparently, shoving things under the couch or under the cushions is equivalent to throwing it away around here.  I have failed as a mother.

Peter's kindergarten dance informance.  Still breaks my heart a little every time I realize how big he is.

More selfie fun with Samantha.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Starting The New Year off Right! - With a Water Main Break

Woohoo! Because we really know how to party and have fun, this is what we came home to on New Year's Day.  We left to drop the girls off at Rob and Michelle's for cupcake wars and a sleep over, and when we pulled back into the driveway, we discovered all this water and a lovely little gushing fountain coming up from under our driveway.  Oh joy.

Despite the amount of leaking water, the city let it run all. night. long.  (The good news is, the break is on their side of the line, not ours, so at least it is only an inconvenience and not costing us an arm and a leg.)
Eventually, they sent someone to take a look at things.  They had to cut out the bottom of our driveway to access the break.
Nothing more fun for a little boy than watching tractors at work in your own front yard.
They made a mess.

And because it's winter, we get to have our lovely little mud hole until spring when it is warm enough to pour concrete.  Can't wait.  I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've been hoping for snow and freezing temperatures just to keep the mud from being tracked all through my house for the rest of the winter...

Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year's Eve With the Kinkarts

Our friends, the Kinkarts, invited our family to celebrate New Year's Eve with them. We had individual, home made pizzas which were delicious.  We played games.
We take our Jenga very seriously.
An action photo of Shawn trying to sable the tower from collapse.  
(Pretty sure that's against the rules.)
I didn't do a very good job of documenting the evening with photos - a sure sign that we were having fun, I guess.
It quickly became apparent that our boys just aren't cut out for this late night stuff.  Staying awake until midnight just wasn't in the cards for them.

The girls and the adults had a great time.
We did make Jonas wake up when it was time to drop the ball.  He is 16 after all, he should be able to hang with he little kids on that one.