Friday, May 30, 2014

Random May Photos

In no particular order:
The girls shopping with Dad.
Jonas and his big hair.  I think Samantha tried brushing it.  There's a reason he steers clear of a brush.
The porch is ready for sitting. We are taking full advantage and welcome all sitters.
The new and improved fairy garden is installed and ready for tenants.
We celebrated Cinco de Mayo with the YSA ward by enjoying a taco cart at the bishop's house.  they were so good.
Omar came all decked out to celebrate.
Megan was balloon girl - collecting everyone's balloons and insisting on taking them home.
Learner's permit in hand (3 months late) but believe me, I am counting down the days until this kid can drive.
Duffy at her dance informance.
Peter and his friend Mylie found a new use for our ball rebounder.  I'm not sure exactly what the game was, but they sure had fun putiting all of these toys in jail.

Peter rock climbing with Katie.
May has been good to us.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

My Last Ever Preschool Program

It's hard to believe that my baby is finishing up preschool.  I'm just not ready.
For his program, he ended up sitting next to his good friend Mylie.  His other carpool buddy, Daphne, is on top to the left.
I just love that happy little face.

He said his part perfectly.  He looks pretty comfortable with that mic in his hands.
All sorts of songs and dances going on.

And me, well, I cried through the whole thing like the big baby that I am.  I just kept looking around thinking, "Why am I the only one crying?"  Yeah, I made a fool of myself.  I felt a little better afterward when I found another teary Mom.  Her baby was graduating from preschool, too. 
Peter with Miss Erin.  Megan also had her and we followed her to a different school we liked her so much.
Peter and Miss Jenny.  He had a pretty good year with both of these ladies as his teachers.
Afterward, we went to my friend, Katie's house, where Peter tried out the rock climbing wall and Katie and I commiserated over the fact that our babies are growing up too fast.  I guess things could be worse, my baby is graduating from preschool, but Katie's baby is graduating from junior high and her first baby is headed out on a mission.  I'm definitely not ready for that.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Ironman Texas

This event has been months in the making.  (Probably years is the more accurate term, but the training for this specific race has taken place over the past 11 months or so.)
Some people have really fancy cars and bikes.
The athlete dinner.
The local Lulu Lemon store had all of the athlete's names posted on their windows.

Shawn was really trained and prepared for this race.  Here he is for his practice swim the day before the race.  (I have to say that getting to Texas a few days before the race was so nice.  It was a vacation for me, and a lot less stressful for Shawn, too.)
Bike set up in the transition area.  It's a thing of beauty,
We had time to go to the Huston Temple.
I love visiting different temples when we travel.
Finally, race day arrived.  He was ready.
Getting ready to line up at the start.
It is a mass start - always interesting to watch.
The kayakers working hard to keep everyone behind the line before the start.

The swim set up was pretty cool because you could watch them along the way.  Here he is in the canal.
2.4 Mile swim finished in just 1 hour.  He rocked it.

Although, I watched him leave the transition area, I didn't get any photos, but I caught him on his way in from the bike.

He was looking strong.

112 mile bike ride done.
And now for the marathon.  It was 3 loops so I could watch him come around multiple times.  He paced himself slowly to start with the plan to negative split his loops, which he did.  His last 6 miles were the fastest.  He did puke a couple of times along the way, but kept going.
The finish line was awesome.  It was surreal.  I was so proud of him.  It was pretty emotional to watch him come across the finish line.

26.2 mile run done.
Shawn Stringham, you are an Ironman!!!
What an amazing accomplishment.  He worked so hard to achieve this goal and it has been a dream for such a long time.  I am so proud of him.  (I think we're both glad to have the race over with, though.  It has been a huge time commitment and emotional commitment as well.  He's earned a little down time.)
After going back to the hotel to get changed, we headed back to the finish line and stayed until after the midnight deadline.  It was so awesome to be there watching all of those people coming across the finish line.

(My shirt says, "Earn the sweaty hug".  Every time he comes home from a workout all sweaty and gross, he asks, "who wants a sweaty hug?" and all the kids scream and run, but I promised him I would take a sweaty hug when he finished his ironman, so he made me the t-shirt to wear.  It was kind of his mantra through training.  He definitely earned the sweaty hug.

Mike Reilly - the voice of Ironman.
Some of the Salt Lake Tri Club Members who were also racing.
It was a fantastic experience.  I don't think it will be his last Ironman, but I'm still glad it's over for now.