Tuesday, July 31, 2012

And Finally, Summer is Really Starting

Just when Jonas thought he would get the chance to sleep in for a few days, he had to get up early and leave for scout camp.  You can see how he felt about it.
Once he was there with the other scouts, he perked up just a bit.
Oh, look, there's an almost real smile, even.
He's the oldest of the boys and ready to move on, but it's a good group of kids that he gets along with really well.  
With their scout leader.
Loading the truck.

A couple of last group shots in the daylight before they leave for Camp Steiner.  (Jonas is dreading the really cold water swims.)

I'm sure Jonas was really disappointed to miss out on the last (yes, the LAST) swim meet of the season.    (Actually that was probably about the only positive thing he could come up with regarding scout camp.)

The girls swam really well, both getting ribbons.

Samantha's freaky eye goggles.

Samantha and Joey.

A little disappointed after one of her races, while Peter tries to cheer her up with one of the "gangsta" poses she tried to teach him.  (I know, right?)

There were medals for the swimmers afterward.

Samantha's group with coach Angela. (Not including the swimmers going to conference.)

Amelia with Coach Sarah.

Her age group is really big because this is also not counting the girls who are swimming at conference.

So there it is.  The mud room at the end of swim season.  The only time all summer that all of their towels have hung nicely on the hooks rather than being wet and soggy in their bags or dropped carelessly somewhere on their way into the house, or maybe draped over a chair outside to dry off.  Isn't it lovely?  Now we will know exactly where to find them next time we go swimming.  (Such a novel concept.)
The time for sleeping in and doing, well, nothing, has finally commenced.  And that's pretty much how I plan to spend the last few weeks of summer!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Last Week

We wrapped up the 24th of July and early the next morning, Shawn and his gang were off to climb King's Peak.
I've put in a couple of photos, but I'll let him tell the whole story when he get's around to it, because, well, I wasn't there.
Five down, 35 to go...
While Shawn and friends were off galavanting around the mountains, the kids and I went to our last time trial of the season.  (Woohoo!)  I was busy timing, so this is all the photographic evidence I have.  But believe me, it was a sufficiently painful evening.  (Did I really just type that?  Oops.  Suffice it to say, that this may be the last year that I force Jonas to do swim team.)

On Saturday, we joined the Dunford's at the splash pad, where the girls and Peter had a great time.  (Jonas was ready to go shortly after our arrival.  He was a bit outnumbered, and I had forbidden him from teasing the girls in anyway.)

Despite how hot it had been all day, the clouds moved in and brought a bit of a breeze, so some sidewalk warming up was necessary.

Missing from the picture below were Jonas and Avery.  Yep, 8 girls to 2 boys (and that's not counting the 2 Moms).

We were excited to get home after this and see Shawn who was just pulling in after being gone for 4 days!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fly Fishing

Grandma Cathy and Doug invited Jonas to go fly fishing.  He was pretty excited about it.  He has gone "regular" fishing with Doug before, but this was his first attempt at fly fishing.

Cathy was clearly the photographer here since she isn't in any of the photos.

Jonas getting some helpful instruction from Doug.

Jonas never did catch anything, but that's OK since he doesn't actually like fish.  He just likes the act of fishing, so is happy to release anything that he does happen to snag.