Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fall Activities

Jonas on the soccer field.
Fall was full of soccer. Jonas did Impact Soccer Academy this year. This involved a lot of time. We were all relieved when the fall season finally ended. But Jonas did have fun playing on the team with his friend Stuart and his cousin Robbie.
Of course, fall also involved a trip to Red Butte Garden for Garden After Dark.

The kids went to a primary party where the dress-up theme was cowboys and cowgirls.
Samantha, Amelia and Megan in their "duds".
As always, here in our own personal land of trees, fall involved lots of leaves. We loved the warm weather and Megan and Amelia especially liked to be outside. Everyday after sending Amelia off to school, Megan insisted that we eat our lunch out on the front porch.

And last, but not least, fall included dressing up for Halloween and going trick-or-treating. This was the first year that neither of us had to go out with the kids. They all went with friends or neighbors. It was kind of a nice change. It's been years since Shawn and I were both home on Halloween night.
Megan was an elephant although she did not want to wear her costume trick-or-treating. She just went as herself. It still worked though, as far as I know, she got candy at every house she stopped at.
Amelia was a pumpkin. She loves Halloween and talks about her costume, sings songs, etc.. for weeks in advance and then is very disappointed when it is all over.

Samantha was a gnome on a toadstool. We saw this costume in a magazine at the dentist's office and she decided that was what she wanted to be. Somehow, we managed to make it work and it held together until she got home.

Somewhere Jonas got the idea that he wanted to be a mop. (It could be because that is what we always call him - due to the amount and length of his hair.) At least it was an easy costume to pull off. He especially enjoyed spraying everyone with his "mop and glo".
And that is the quick version of October at our house.