Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

We found ourselves in the unusual position of having nothing scheduled on Christmas Eve. It's the first time in years that that has happened. Rob and Michelle had asked us if we wanted to go downtown to see the lights with them. So we met up at the Trax station and headed to Temple Square.Peter was thrilled to be riding on the train and didn't stop smiling most of the way. He also periodically called out, "CHOO CHOOOOOOO!"

The lights were, of course, beautiful - as they always are. And it was, of course, cold - as it always is.
I had kind of hoped that it wouldn't be that crowded on Christmas Eve. But it was. I guess not as many people were home spending Christmas eve with their families as I had expected. Next year, we may have to try going after Christmas and see how the crowds are then.

The kids all waited somewhat patiently for their turn to see the nativity. Posing for the camera:
Goofy faces:
The Stringham Clan:

We stopped in at the Nauvoo Cafe at the Joseph Smith building so everyone could eat and warm up. We ate downstairs all by ourselves. The ambience wasn't exactly fancy, but at least we weren't disturbing anyone else. And all 13 of us could sit at one table. Then we were ready to go home.
The ride back to the car:
Then it was time to open the Christmas Eve present. (Yep, that's Samantha dressed fashionably as always.)
The fun thing about Peter and presents is he gets excited even when it's just pajamas.
The sleepy crew:
And one last Christmas Eve pajama photo before sending everyone off to bed for the night.
Presents waiting under the tree to be opened in the morning.

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