Thursday, April 23, 2015

Orchestra Festival

Yes, I realize it has been about 5 months since I last posted something.  Initially, I ran into some computer problems.  I was really worried that all my photos would be lost forever.  It took a while to sort out the problem, but they finally got it fixed,  then life just got crazy, and before I knew it all this time had passed without a single blog post.  I'm hoping to slowly work on getting caught up, but I'll start from here for now.
Today was orchestra festival for the junior high and high school.  For me, that involved moving Samantha's harp multiple times this morning.  (Shawn actually did most of the moving, but it was a joint effort.) First to her school for a rehearsal.  Then for fun, we were sent to the wrong school.  We had the harp unloaded and in the school before the orchestra teacher found us and told us we had to go to another school.  So, we loaded it back up, headed to the third junior high of the day and unloaded it for her performance.  (A flute would have been so much easier!) And I won't even go into the part about how one of the harpists backed out 2 days before, leaving Samantha and Maren to learn her part in 2 days, because that was so awesome.  Anyway, at festival, the school orchestra "competes" against other school orchestras from the area.  It's kind of fun to listen to them play.
Once she was done, I loaded up her harp again and took it home.  
Then in the afternoon, it was Jonas's turn.  Despite the fact that he also plays a large instrument (the bass), my part was minimal.  It involved me tying his bow tie and telling him to play well.  Then he was out the door, where he drove himself to the school, got his school bass and got on the bus with the rest of the orchestra students.  Let me tell you that was way easier.
But it was fun to catch them both dressed up.  (Although Samantha had ditched her shoes by this time.)  Even with only 2 kids in a picture, I can't get them both looking at the camera at the same time.  It's a serious issue.