Monday, July 29, 2013

Brighton Camp

After nearly a full week at home, it was time for Samantha to head off on her travels again.  This time, she was headed to Brighton Camp with the other Beehives from our stake.  I remember loving Beehive Camp, so I'm hopeful that despite her lack of enthusiasm, she will love it, too.  (As usual, once she got there and saw her friends, she was happy and fine.)  Before boarding the buses for a few days in Brighton!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Rob's Birthday

As per birthday tradition, I had to come up with something special for Rob's birthday.  I already knew there was no way I could beat the face pillow he gave me this year, but I had to come up with something unique.  It just so happened that a couple days before his birthday, I came across these skeletons at Costco.  (Really disappointed I didn't end up getting any for myself at the time - who knew the Halloween stuff would be gone by the 1st of August?!)
Since his birthday was on a Sunday, Shawn broke into their house while they were at church, so this is what they came home to.  I don't think there were any skeletons in their closet, but there were some in a few other places...

We had a lot of fun with these guys.  Amelia affectionately named them Bob, Joe and Trevor.   And we threw in the balloons just because I know what a fan Rob is.
When we went back that evening to celebrate, we discovered that the skeletons also make great dance partners.
The nice thing is, I see potential with the skeletons.  Just like the face pillow, it can be the gift that just keeps giving.
Happy Birthday Rob!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Mountain Tropic Triathlon

Another quick weekend trip to Bear Lake where Shawn raced in the Mountain Tropic Tri - sort of.  Well, he raced, but the bike part was cancelled so it wasn't a full triathlon.  However, he did place first in the swim and 5th over all!!  

It was a quick trip - so quick that I guess we didn't even take any other pictures...

Sunday, July 14, 2013


Since the Young Women were evacuated form camp a couple days early, Samantha actually had a day or two at home before heading off to Chicago.  Technically, it was Amelia's turn to go visit, but we felt like she was still a little young to travel alone, so Samantha was lucky enough to get to go again.

It's always hard to watch your kids head off on their own like this, but they were so excited!

There's their plane.
Off they go.
They did so many fun things. (They did have to help make beds and help check people in and out of the bed and breakfast, but anytime they weren't doing that they were playing.)  They went to OZ Park, the aquarium, icream, American Girl, Delightfuls (a bakery they visited nearly every day), The Fudge Pot, Tilly Sue's (an antique shop where they found lots of fun jewelry), Merchandise Mart, just to name a few...

Fran signed Samantha up for a cake decorating class.  She was in heaven.

Of course, we didn't just sit around at home although the house was significantly quieter and cleaner!
Nice trail runs,

a bunch of huge rainstorms - downpours, really,
and this poor little baby quail that we rescued 3 different times from 3 different window wells around the house.

Unfortunately, our rescue attempts didn't end happily.  Despite all of our efforts to return the baby to it's family, it was was just too little to be on it's own for that long.  We were all very sad.  But we maanged to stay busy while the girls were away for the week.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Gobbler's Knob

Shawn is still slowly working his way through his 40 peaks.  He has altered his timeline a bit since it is obvious he can't climb them all before his birthday, so now he hopes to climb them all in his 40's.  That should be doable.
I don't know how this rates on his favorite climbs, but I think it is his favorite to say:" Gobbler's Knob."
One day maybe I can get him to add his thoughts to these photos, but until then, enjoy the beautiful shots of the canyon and the valley we live in...

Geological Survey Mark:

Photographic evidence of the 9th peak.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Some Sculpture Wrap up

While Samantha was away, the rest of the kids went to finish up their sculpturing for the summer.  Amelia and Duffy were very prolific in their creations and have lots and lots of masterpieces.

Jonas is still working on his one piece (and in fact will have to come back to finish it up later this summer or fall when we can find time.)

Apparently, this part took a little effort.

I think he is making some sort of mold so that he will be able to cast the sculpture and have more than one?
Pretty sure that despite his massive and luscious locks, this is his first time using a hair dryer.

He seems a little bored with it.  I guess he's lucky he doesn't have to spend much time standing around drying his hair.

The little girls have moved on from painting and sculpting to other art forms - pipe cleaners.

This takes serious concentration.

(I promise I did her hair today.  I don't know what happens, but she always ends up looking a little disheveled.)

The kids have had a fantastic time taking these sculpting classes this summer.  (Thanks Grandma Cathy!)  Jonas and Samantha will have to put in a little more time at the studio, but the little girls are done for now.