Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Problem with My iPhone or Selfies Galore

So, as a general rule, I love my iphone.  Really.  Love it.  With one tiny exception.  Just this one little thing - The fact that my kids can access the camera without using the pass code on my phone.  Which means, that even though I lock my phone to keep their little hands out of my business, they regularly pick it up and use my camera without permission.  I find so many "surprise"pictures on my phone.  Makes me a little crazy, but makes me laugh, too.  Here is just a small sampling from my 2 biggest phone camera abusers.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Peter at the Zoo

I know, how many posts can there be of me and Peter at the zoo?  But It's fun to look back and see how much he has changed.  Just one of the many benefits of being the youngest.  All sorts of time alone with Mom.
All I can say is eewwww.  How many germs are on that thing?  And I just don't know where he gets his fascination with kissing things...
That's one cool kid.
As always, end with a ride on the carousel.  Happy kid.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Yellowstone Bike Ride

Our neighbors, the Robinson's, invited us to go on a Yellwstone Bike ride with them.  We went with some other couples in our ward, and it was fantastic!  Here's the group at the start of the ride.
Shawn and I on the other side of the sign, trying to avoid the sun.  (We weren't leaving the park yet - we were just starting.) It was a beautiful day for a bike ride.

You can't beat this scenery.  The ride was 60 miles.  From town to Old Faithful and back.

We stopped to check out the hot pots and things.  I just kept thinking, why haven't we brought the kids here?  I'm hoping we'll be back.

Happy faces.

Since I had been on my bike about twice since the summer started and that was early in the season, my rear end was grateful to reach Old Faithful and be able to climb off that seat and walk around a bit.  (Note to self: before going on a 60 mile bike ride, spend a little time on your bike.  By the 2nd half, my legs were cramping so bad and I couldn't stand to be on that seat anymore.  Good thing it was so beautiful.)

We were definitely as entertained by the crowds as by the geyser itself.

And it was a big crowd.

So funny to see everyone with their phones out and ready to film the eruption.

Look at  that blue sky!

Hanging with the Morgan's at Old Faithful.

The ride was absolutely beautiful, (albeit extremely painful for some of us) and the company was fantastic as well.  We enjoyed time in the hot tub in the evenings, and Ryan.s parents made us a fantastic dinner.  (They also let us stay in their cabin.)  Thanks to the all of the Robinsons for the invite and the hospitality!