Thursday, February 28, 2008

the "mop" rocks the red course

 Hey, Shawn here, want to see some wicked ski action, I couldn't be prouder of Jonas, featured here on the red course.  

manth breezes through blue

Shawn, again, not one wicked skier, but two! Moots kills it on the blue course.  Way to go!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Ziggy is our new puppy.  He is a source of great consternation and anguish in our home right now.  So far, we are down one space heater, one shirt, one pair of pajama bottoms, one tutu( although I managed to repair the damage - mostly), my cabinets in the mud room are being chewed to sawdust and there are various less noticeable holes in many other articles of clothing belonging to all family members, not to mention more than a few tooth and/or claw marks in everyone's skin.  I want to love this puppy like I loved our last dog, but I am struggling.  He refuses to be housebroken.  He pees on the floor over and over and over again.  Since we are still in the diaper phase around here, this is getting pretty old.
He is cute and really doesn't bark much (something Cisco did altogether too much), and Milsey loves him more than I could have imagined.  I'm afraid that this will have to be enough for now.  I do keep threatening to send him back, but there is always a great deal of wailing and complaining at that idea.    Maybe if the kids were in charge of cleaning up his puddles.....   As with all things, I guess this too shall pass, so Ziggy gets to stay for another day.