Thursday, October 31, 2013


Since Samantha has moved on to junior high, our Halloween morning was slightly less stressful than usual, since there was no major masterpiece to pull off.  Just getting costumes on the 3 little kids.  The morning started out at the elementary school parade.  Amelia was a flamenco dancer.  Easy-peasy - especially with the borrowed costume.

And Duffy made a perfect little Hermione.

I stopped in at the girls' respective class parties.

The second graders were fascinated with the green goo that this mad scientist made with them.

I stuck around as long as I could, then it was off to the preschool parade and party to watch my little ninja.  (Or as Peter would say it, Ninjer.)

They did the Monster Mash and a couple of other songs for us to watch.

Then finally, we made it to the end of the school day.  Even though Samantha didn't get to wear a costume to school, she was not ready to give up on trick or treating.  So here she is in this year's costume - as a bunch of grapes.

Amelia, once again, as the flamenco dancer.

And Megan as Hermione.  (It looks like she got a little help with make-up from Amelia.)

And Peter as a ninja.  (Still working on the concept of the proper use of nunchucks.)
Shawn was having a hard time deciding between Captain America and
being a ninja, but when he realized Peter had already chosen to be a ninja, it swayed his vote a little bit.  (That and the fact that it is well known around here that I like Captain America.)
Jonas and I were lame as usual, and didn't dress up.  I did wear my super fancy skeleton earrings and shirt, though.  So that totally counts.
All ready to head out on the trick or treating circuit in our awesome neighborhood.  Cheesy nachos, popcorn and a movie, stuffed animals, full size candy bars, homemade doughnuts, and a full-on castle set await them... (We've been watching it be built for the past several weeks.)

Captain America found his friend Super Gonzo down the street.
It was a very successful Halloween as usual, made all the better by the fact that the kids don't have school tomorrow!  I wish we could plan it that way every year.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Festivities

Not all of us were super excited about attending a neighborhood pumpkin carving party and YSA bonfire in the rain, but thankfully the rain stopped just before and we saw this beautiful double rainbow in the sky.
Fortunately, the YSA bonfire was taking place at another neighbor's house, so Shawn and I split our time between the two.  While kids were busy carving pumpkins and gorging themselves on food at the neighborhood party, the YSA's were gathered around a bonfire roasting things.

THis was one of the favorite yard "decorations."  (Yes, it's a pig and the fire comes out of his rear end.)
The kids got their pumpkins all carved and entered into the contest.  Samantha's baby gourd in a carriage - with actual rolling wheels.
Shawn's  scream.
Megan's chosen design.
Jonas' scar eye.
Amelia's.  Originally, they were stacked and had dry ice smoke coming out of them, but they wouldn't stay up for her.
And for a second year in a row, Samantha took home a prize.  (And for a second year in a row, there were tears from Amelia for not winning.  Not as bad as last year though because another nice neighbor donated their "trophy" to her.  And we made sure that she had moved to the bonfire when prizes were given out - as a precaution.)

A daytime view of the pumpkins.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

(Pre) Pumpkin Carving

We normally do all of our pumpkin carving at our neighborhood Halloween party, but since we're double booked this year with a YSA event the same night, we had to do some preliminary gutting to make it possible to get them all carved Monday night.
Love that it was nice enough to do this all outsider while listening to the U game on the radio.
 Our Toy Story obsessed boy went with the Woody pumpkin again this year.
Samantha did a little carpentry prep work.
We don't often let her wield a hammer like this.  You can see how she gets...

Fall Fun

A few things we have been doing to enjoy the beautiful fall weather.

Playing in the leaves.

Love those big blue eyes.

Even the dog is enjoying his bed of leaves.  (Love all of our trees in the summer, but it's sometimes a little overwhelming this time of year.)
Samantha and her friend Ashley took the Madsen - aka the bucket bike out for a spin a couple of times.

OK this has nothing to do with the beautiful fall weather, but Samantha has been cracking herself up ever since she downloaded "fatbooth" on her phone and has taken turns with each of us as her vicitims, making us look like this:
And of course, no fall season is complete without pumpkins to carve.

Peter loves to look a this picture of himself as a farmer.
My big kids.  Love these two and most days I find that I enjoy having them around despite my earlier fears about having teenagers in the house.  They are really fun.  (I know Samantha isn't technically a teenager, but she acts enough like one that it counts.)
The whole gang.

Notice how warm it still is.  I love a warm October!