Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day

My Mother's Day was fairly nice and relaxed. I am working hard to not have such negative feelings about Mother's day and it seems to be helping.  All of Shawn's bishopric meetings were cancelled, so it was really nice to have him home in the morning. He and the kids made brought me breakfast in bed and gave me presents.  I loved the handmade cards from my kids and got new shoes and a skirt out of the deal too.  We will also refer to this Mother's Day as the year of the kitchen stool.  I had mentioned that new kitchen stools were on my wish list, and well, Samantha delivered in her own special way.
I had intended to go to Shawn's ward to help him teach a class, but ended up helping out in primary instead.
They played a game of Guess the Mom.  We had to answer questions about ourselves to give them clues.  In Junior Primary, I did such a good job of disguising my voice that they guessed I was Peter's Dad instead.  (That's me in the cool glasses, second from the left.)
I'm pretty sure my birthday gave it away to my kids in senior primary. It was fun to participate.
Shawn's Mom was in Ivins, so we headed downtown to visit my Mom only to find that my parents were in St. George.  So we took the scenic way home, taking the kids past some of our old haunts, enjoying a Sunday drive.
We managed to squeeze in a quick picture before sending the little kids off to bed.
Still can't get a shot of everyone just looking at the camera and smiling.  Not sure why I keep trying.
I believe Shawn said the words, "Now everyone lick someone!" Just before taking this last picture.  You can see my reaction.  Don't know why my kids were all so obedient on this one...
Happy Mother's Day!