Sunday, March 31, 2013

Peter Turns 4 or Birthday Week Part 4 or A Sad Day for Me or Easter Sunday

Even though he promised me he would stay 3 forever and stop growing up, it didn't happen. I think he did his best, but Peter's birthday rolled around again just like it has for the previous 3 years.  Even though I was really sad, he was pretty happy.
Holding up 4 fingers.  It always takes a little practice to learn to say that new number when you have a birthday.

Digging into his presents before church.  (Yep, Rob was there to celebrate with us again.)
I guess he needed a little help.  Good thing there's always someone around to help unwrap presents.
Samantha in her chef coat because she was working on the cake.

It cracks me up (and freaks me out a little) every time I look at these pictures and see Rob's face there.
There is some serious concentration happening here.

And as always - helpers, too.
I hope he doesn't grow into this hat too soon.
Easter Sunday - ready for church.  How many pictures will it take to get just one with everyone looking at the camera and smiling?

Sometimes you just have to give up after 4 or so.

And just one of me and Shawn.
They sang to us Stringham birthday kids in primary.

Duff playing a lovely rendition of Happy Birthday so we could sing to Peter.
Just love that you can see her pre-teen attitude in every picture.
Grandma Cathy and Doug came by with presents for the birthday kids.
Amelia went first since her birthday was first.

Peter waited very patiently for his turn.
(Random picture.)

Lots of new clay.  We'll have lots of art projects to work on over spring break.

More help opening presents.
Happy face!
Jonas's happy face.
Yeah!  Now Buzz and Woody can bring Rex along on their adventures.  Peter was really excited about this one.

Man, this kid is spoiled!  The presents just keep coming.
Avenger's action figures!  Peter kept telling me that he wanted a little green "haut."  It took me a while to figure out that he was saying "HULK".  Phew I'm glad that we didn't disappoint.
We went to Grandpa Ralph and Grandma Judy's place for Easter/birthday dinner.  This was a great place to test out the new camera.  The kids played spy by taking pictures of the people walking on the street 9 floors below.  (Get ready for a lot of random pictures - or skip over them if you'd like.)
The Angel Moroni doesn't seem nearly so far away when you have an awesome zoom lens!

Found the car.

Spying on the people hanging out at temple square.

Duffy enjoying dinner - and wearing some, too.
My blue-eyed babies.
My brown-eyed girl.

And "Shawn - a Study"  by one of the kids.

Apparently I was included in the photographing as well.
And Grandma Judy.

Grandpa Ralph working in the kitchen.
Peter's Avengers climbing a statue.

Seriously, someone was having way too much fun with my camera - and it wasn't me.
Although, I do think these pictures of the temple are pretty cool.

The boys relaxing on the couch after dinner.  
Hard to share your birthday with a holiday, but I still think Peter felt celebrated.  He spent the whole day with family and enjoying his new stuff. 

 He also got Hamm.  Shawn and I haven't let him open the box yet, because we didn't realize what a collector's item it was.  I thought I would just pick one up at the store.  Nope.  Thought I would just get on Amazon and find one. - Yeah, if I wanted to pay like 350 bucks for it - which I didn't.  Shawn finally found one on ebay or something.  I almost felt bad buying it because the lady probably didn't know how much she could get for it.  Oh well.  Still, it's in the original packaging, and we know it's value so it's a little hard to let it go.  But Peter has been begging.  (He started asking to get Hamm for his birthday right after Christmas.)  And clearly, Woody and Buzz are thrilled to be reunited.  Eventually, we'll take him out.  After all, the value of a toy is really measured by how much it is loved by a child.  On this one, Peter wins.

Happy 4th birthday to the sweetest 4 year old I know!