Friday, January 22, 2016

Meet Scout

 So, I know I've introduced the puppy already here, but he didn't have a name at that point.  After much debate, a name has been selected.
Meet Scout.
  (As in the ski run at Brighton - just like Ziggy is also a ski run at Brighton.)  We toyed with Marley, because Ziggy Marley, but ultimately it was voted down along with several others. His litter name was Titan which we almost stuck with, but instead kept it as a middle name.  So officially, he is Scout Titan Polo Stringham. (Because Titan Polo is a significant part of our lives, obviously.)  No Murphy, no Louis, no McDuff, no Bob, no Polo, just Scout.
I will admit those first couple of nights were pretty rough.  We didn't have a crate yet, and anything we put him in he could get out of.  Plus he cried and whined and barked.  I think he was seriously missing his pack of 9 brothers and sisters to cuddle up with.  Samantha was a trooper and took some night shifts, but there definitely wasn't much sleeping going on.

 Once we got through those first few nights and he was sleeping through the night, things got much better.  He is so sweet and so mellow, I just really, really wish he were house broken.  That's my only complaint.  (Well, occasionally, the wrestling that goes on between the 2 dogs gets a little tiresome, too, but that's manageable.)
I mean, how can you resist that face?

 Seriously mellow.
 Fortunately, Ziggy accepted the puppy right away.  He definitely lets him know he's Alpha dog, but they get along great.  Sometimes they just play and wrestle until it exhausts me, but that's not really a bad problem to have....
In fact, the first night of sleeplessness was actually due to the fact that Ziggy was so excited to play with this new creature that he couldn't settle down and sleep.  So no one slept.  And the puppy was exhausted.  So on night 2, we helped Ziggy out a little bit by giving him some melatonin. That was a good choice.

 He is the biggest in his litter and certainly doesn't look like an 8 or 9 week old puppy, does he?  He's enormous.
 Lots of puppy bonding going on around here.
 Pure joy and happiness.

 Part of Peter's gang.  This boy is in heaven.

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