Sunday, January 24, 2016

Jonas Rocks!

There was an emergency change of venue for Jonas's concert, so instead of going to Pat's Barbecue, we ended up at Leatherhead's Sports Grill in Draper.  It ended up being a pretty decent venue, and Jonas and his band were awesome in my totally unbiased opinion.  (I promise, they are really good!)  I love watching that super quiet, reserved boy performing on stage.  You can just see that he loves doing it.
A selfie before he went on stage.

And here are all the members of WOLFE.
Jonas, Sherri, Emily, Mac, Eric and other Tanner, (so as not to confuse him with Jonas's friend Tanner who is at our house regularly.)
On stage.  They played about a 45 minute set to a packed house.

There's my boy, with an actual, real smile on his face!

Apparently, Jonas is rocking the East coast as well - or at least winter storm Jonas is.

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