Monday, January 18, 2016

Martin Luther King Day Beignets

Normally, we have beignets 3 times a year - 2 conference Sundays and on Christmas.  Apparently this is a very strong tradition, because when we had vomiting kids on Christmas, it was unanimously decided that we couldn't possibly have beignets if everyone wasn't going to be able to eat them.  Nor did anyone want to run the risk of eating beignets, then getting sick and then never wanting to eat beignets again. So we aimed for New Year's beignets instead, but since the stomach flu was still running it's course through the house, that also had to be postponed.  With morning swim workouts and skiing on the weekends, Martin Luther King Day was the first chance we had to fit it in once everyone was healthy. It was a little bit quicker than usual because Shawn did have to get to work, but we finally got our beignets.  So everyone should be happy until April conference.
The kids still wanted Christmas shapes though, since these were technically our Christmas beignets.  Plus, we don't own any MLK cookie cutters.
Mmmmmm. Delicious beignets!

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Rachelle said...

These sound delish and I'm so impressed with all your posting!! Good job!