Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Duffy's First Day of School

Duffy has been excited to start school - for the most part. She wanted to go back to preschool, but only at Mandy's house. We finally resolved that she was going to a different school so she could meet some new friends and learn some new things. She met her teachers and visited her classroom, and was all set to go - until this morning, when, for no apparent reason, she decided that she didn't want to go to preschool. (Too bad for her - it wasn't an option.) At least there weren't any tears.
For all of her complaining about it, once she was in her classroom, I couldn't even get her to turn around and say good-bye to me. She was perfectly happy to be there. It's a little sad to be sending her off. Things are going to be so quiet. I might even miss her non-stop narration some days. Now, it's just me and Peter. Duffy thinks Peter and I will watch movies every afternoon. I'm not sure that that's my plan but I bet I'll be able to find something to do while she's gone and he takes a nap.

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