Monday, August 22, 2011

Not Our Typical First Day of School

I never quite got into the whole groove of summer and now it's gone...just like that. How did we get here already? None of us were quite ready for the first day of school, but here it is anyway. Jonas is headed off to junior high - and not very enthused about it. I am really hoping he has a good day!
First day of 7th grade
And, well, that's it for our first day of school photos because I have not one...
but two, kids sick in bed.
Not quite how the day was supposed to go, so we'll try again tomorrow. I guess this year we'll have second day of school photos. Peter, however, is as excited as ever to start the day.

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Julie said...

Bummer about the girls - I still remember Caroline missing her first day of kindergarten b/c she was sick -no fun. I'm with ya on summer just whizzing by - I swear we were just FINISHING the school year and today we're sending them right back again!

Hope the kids feel better soon :-).