Monday, August 29, 2011


It has been so painful for Duff to have to wait an entire extra week to start school. She was ready! All morning long she kept asking me, "Is it afternoon yet?"

"C'mon Mom, it's time for my first day of school pictures."
I hope this happy attitude lasts beyond today.

She stopped at the doors to have a picture taken with her friend, Jakell. They're not in the same class but will carpool together. Of course, Peter wanted to be a part of everything, too.
Duff walked right in and found her seat and was ready to go. She didn't seem sad at all, but I sure was. Can't believe we're here already.
But it was the very hardest on Peter. He just couldn't understand why his buddy wasn't coming home with us. He was very unhappy with me for leaving her there, and just kept yelling , "Mo-om, Duffy home!" in his angry voice. I know he is going to be lonely, but I hope he adjusts quickly.

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