Friday, April 12, 2013

Random Happenings

Took the kids to the dentist.  Peter was awesome.  He wanted Woody along with him and made sure that the dentist counted Woody's teeth, too.
They enjoyed watching Toy Story 3 together.
And in other happenings - Samantha and her friend Emma wanted a ride to the store for some cake decorations and candy, but they had to get themselves ready first. See, a few months ago, one of the store manager's thought they were shop lifting and followed them out of the store.  (Don't worry, they weren't, but it did freak them out a bit.)  But since then, they haven't dared to go back, so they decided they needed to go in disguise.  Chef's coats, wool hats, a tie, glasses and mustaches.  I'm sure no one will recognize them.
These girls are just a little bit crazy.  I'm glad that they have so much fun together.
I'm also glad that they asked me to just drop them off at the door and not go in with them - because you know, I'm an embarrassment to them.  Although they did manage to find me on one of the aisles when they decided they needed help paying for some stuff.  I think they were just using me for my money.

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